Before taking the quiz you might want to check out our Obesity knowledge base.

The Obesity Quiz tests visitors’ knowledge of overweight and the main factors that contribute to the global obesity epidemic. The quiz includes questions on childhood and adult obesity, the percentage of people who are overweight, and the types of foods that cause overweight among children and adolescents. Visitors will learn more about recent trends, health problems associated with extra weight, and how different activities and foods contribute to a balanced diet and weight loss. There are different risk factors such as family lifestyle, stress, unhealthy eating habits, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle and inactivity, and many others. Visitors will learn about the main factors that cause obesity as well as symptoms which signal that a person is seriously overweight.

The questions offer an insight into the factors that aggravate the problem and the extent to which peer pressure, health problems, and overeating are risk factors. The quiz address questions such as whether screen time and certain foods contribute to childhood obesity. Other questions look at obesity incidence and the number of people who die each year as a result of associated problems. The goal of the quiz is to help visitors learn more about related conditions and factors such as race and ethnicity, prevalence, and trends during the last decades. This helps draw a clear picture of the magnitude of the problem based on different characteristics of overweight individuals. The quiz highlights the fact that obesity is both a medical condition and a social problem that affects millions of people and society as a whole. It is associated with a reduced life expectancy and a variety of medical conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, high cholesterol levels, and others. Overweight is a health hazard. The aim of the new quiz is to raise awareness of the problem and help visitors learn more about its scope, ramifications, and cost.