The Jenny Craig Diet is a weight loss and control plan that teaches followers how to make healthy food choices. Customers enjoy multiple-level support through online chats, blogs, tools, and 24/7 support. Nutrition experts also offer maintenance consultations.

Nutritional Guidelines

The best thing about Jenny Craig is that no food is off limits provided that meals contain 20 – 25 percent fat and protein and 50 – 60 percent carbohydrates. Thus foods that contain carbohydrates are not on the taboo list. While there are no banned foods, they should be consumed in moderation. Dieters can eat unlimited amounts of vegetables that are low in starch, along with whole grain products, low-fat dairies, and fresh fruits. You can even have coffee. The program offers a free grocery list to help dieters to make healthy food choices.

Foods to Be Consumed in Moderate Amounts

Some beverages should be consumed in moderation, including diet soda, coffee, and club soda. You can eat non-starchy vegetables in small amounts, including mushrooms, beets, and bamboo shoots. You can also have small amounts (less than 35 calories) of parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, cream cheese, and other condiments and spreads. Dieters can consume sugar-free and low-sugar sweets occasionally, for example, pudding, hard candies, and syrup. When it comes to flavor enhancers, soy sauce, spices, and pickles can be consumed in moderate amounts. The same goes for mustard, ketchup, and herbs.

Meals and Recipes

You can prepare different dishes or order them through the Jenny Craig Program. Examples include breakfast scramble, cheddar cheese omelet, chicken casserole, and cheese ravioli. Ordering prepackaged meals is beneficial in that it helps customers to get used to portion sizes. A gluten-free version for people with gluten intolerance is not offered. The plan is suitable for vegetarians as many veggie-friendly meals are offered. For example, you can order macaroni and cheese, three cheese ziti marinara, or garden primavera with vegetables and mozzarella and parmesan.

The meals are prepared based on the guidelines developed by the Department of Agriculture. The main ingredients are products that are high in fiber and low in fat content. The calorie intake varies based on different factors such as physical activity, weight loss goals, weight, and others. There are meals with 200 – 250 calories and 150 – 200 calories (breakfast). The meals for lunch vary between 200 and 250 and 250 and 300 calories while for dinner, customers have three options. The highest calorie level is 400. Clients can choose between two options – non-frozen and frozen meals. They are delivered to your home or office.

There is also a large selection of desserts and snacks. Dieters can try different tasty desserts such as chocolate walnut brownies and chocolate cakes as well as snacks like cheese curls and veggie chips. The good thing about desserts and snacks is that they are low in calories (between 100 and 200 calories).

Weight Loss

Weight loss depends on your target weight. Jenny Craig recommends that dieters follow the plan until they achieve their weight loss goals. The fact that customers benefit from support (offered in different forms) is also beneficial. Nutrition experts and consultants help customers to determine how active they are and the type of plan they need. They look at issues such as busy schedule, sedentary lifestyle, and others. The program offers both support and healthy food choices. This is why it is called a food-mind-body plan that helps dieters to lose and maintain their healthy weight.

The Role of Exercise

Physical activity is important, and the program encourages dieters to choose moderate activities. They can opt for dancing, walking, fitness, or anything else. Moderate exercise is a better option than a rigorous plan.

Cons and Considerations

If you are on a tight budget, this plan is a bit expensive. The cost varies based on location. There is an initial registration fee as well. The good news is that if the dieter is within 2.3 kg (5 pounds) of his desired weight, he may receive a fee waver. Customers can choose meals by product range as well as top rated products such as chicken fettuccine and sesame chicken.

Another issue is that dieters may have to take supplements. Nutrition experts highlight the fact that it is hard to get all antioxidants, vitamins, and other macronutrients by following a diet that restricts the calorie intake. Studies show that dieters on a low-calorie plan may have to take vitamins and minerals such as zinc, calcium, vitamin B 12, iron, and magnesium. When it comes to carbohydrates and protein, Jenny Craig meets the dietary recommendations while fat may be below the recommended amounts. You may want to check the nutrition labels to choose meals that are high in fiber content. Include yogurt and fish in your menu to get enough vitamin B12. The meals supply enough calcium which is important for the blood vessels and bones.

Finally, the plan is not suitable for vegans. While there are vegetarian-friendly versions, some meals contain animal-derived ingredients and dairy products such as cheese and milk. Low-sodium versions are not offered. Dieters with special requirements may want to check the nutrition labels. There are some meals with a low salt content. The program doesn’t offer halal or kosher meals. Some experts note that these versions are ordered less often and are not cost-effective.