Before taking the quiz you might want to check out our Healthy Eating knowledge base.

The Healthy Eating Quiz includes questions on balanced eating, the benefits of healthy food choices and habits, sources of good carbohydrates, and many others. Healthy carbs aid weight loss efforts and help prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. The quiz tests visitors’ knowledge of different sources of complex carbohydrates and low GI foods that have a gradual and slower effect on increases in blood sugar levels. Foods with a low GI are beneficial for diabetes control and help prevent chronic conditions. The quiz also includes questions about the recommended daily salt limit, sources of insoluble fiber, and foods that increase the risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes. Visitors will learn about the Healthy Eating Pyramid and the foods that this diet emphasizes. The Healthy Eating Pyramid is the preferred choice of many people around the world because healthy eating promotes lifelong health. The Pyramid is based on whole grains, olive oil, vegetables, seafood, protein and other healthy food choices that supply vital antioxidants and nutrients.

The test also includes questions on foods that contain empty calories and different sources of added sugar. Foods that contain empty calories have little nutritional value and only add to your total calorie intake. Snacks, candies, and fast food are some examples. Foods with added sugar are associated with health risks such as decreased activity and drowsiness, poor protein absorption, high cholesterol levels, and problems such as anxiety and hyperactivity. The quiz also looks at healthy breakfast choices, foods that contain trans fats, and the benefits of a balanced diet. Trans fats are associated with health problems such as high cholesterol levels and diabetes. Their consumption increases the risk for diabetes, stroke, and coronary heart disease. The ultimate goal of the quiz is to raise awareness of the importance of a balanced diet for good health.